Why EVA? - EVA’s Payroll Administration Advantage

End-to-End Services

EVA’s world class operational model efficiently manages your entire payroll administration including audit facing and payroll statutory compliance, bringing real meaning to “Outsourcing”. This helps your organization keep its resources and energies focused on the core aspects of your business.


Expertise Edge - High Quality Deliverables                

While EVA’s payroll process experts, using continually re-engineered top-notch applications, promise to efficiently manage your entire Payroll Process, your business reaps the benefits of high quality deliverables, IN TIME.


Dedicated Statutory Compliance & Quality Assurance Team

Understanding the gravity of compliance adherence and need for quality deliverables, EVA has a dedicated and qualified team of professionals who ensure that all compliance and quality standards are met, policing every aspect of every process. EVA also ensures that your business stays in line with all labor regulations that are amended from time to time. The following is an indicative list of labor regulations that EVA complies with:

1.      Payment of Wages Act

2.      PF & Misc Provisions Act

3.      Minimum Wages Act

4.      Professional Tax Act

5.      Maternity Benefit Act

6.      Factories Act

7.       Shop and Establishment Act

8.      Labor Welfare Fund

9.      Bonus Act

10.    ESI Act

11.     Contract Labor Regulation and Abolition Act

12.    Other Labor Regulations as applicable


Resource Optimization & Reduced Cycle Times


EVA’s Payroll Processing solutions are cost-efficient, time-saving, and highly proficient. This also means that your need for infrastructure and manpower is reduced to a great extent with only a positive effect on you business.

EVA’s established service strategies guarantee a significant reduction in cycle times.


Employee Centric Services

EVA’s payroll management services are meticulously crafted to address varying concerns of each of your employees. While your employee-satisfaction lies at the heart of EVA’s every activity associated with your business, EVA ensures that your employees have a hassle-free “payroll-experience”, taking all necessary steps to align your payroll process with any amendments in the law.


Data Security Assurance                     

Data protection, integrity and confidentiality are EVA’s top priority. EVA follows industry best data security and integrity measures and strict electronic and physical security measures in the facility. EVA follows complex data encryption and secured file upload and download system for all data exchanges. All employees of EVA are bound by stringent integrity and confidentiality clauses. EVA signs confidentiality clause as part of agreement with your organization.


EVA’s Scope of Payroll Administration Services

Payroll activities

1.        Receipt of pre-payroll input data from the client viz.,

a)      Attendance details

b)      New employee details

c)      Deductions – other than income tax

d)      Leave details

e)      Performance bonus or any other additional allowances

f)       One-time payments

2.      Input verification and preparation for processing

3.      Payroll processing, output file generation, post process output validation and quality checks

4.      Pay-slip generation

5.      Capturing employees yearly tax plan & determination of monthly tax computation

6.      Circulate following to company designated official for review & approval:

a)      Salary Register

b)      Bank advice

c)      Other agreed reports (if any)

7.       Fund transfer of salaries into bank accounts of employees

8.      Web based Employee Self Service



Benefits Administration (reimbursements - travel & others)

1.       Collection of supporting documents for reimbursement

2.       Vouching as per standard control procedures and company guidelines

3.      Reimbursement processing from application validation and quality checks



Year-End Processes (in January, every year)

1.      Collection of supporting documents of investment from employees

2.      Verification & vouching of documents

3.      Processing, validating and quality checks

4.      Determination of final tax liability of employee and withholding taxes that were short deducted so                                                

far - from January through March of every year

5.       Issuance of Form 16 & 12B


Full & final settlement


1.        Input collection from the HR team

2.        Collection of exit clearance form to ensure no-dues from the employee

3.        Collection & verification of supporting documents of tax investments

4.       Generation of F&F statement for payment

5.        Settlement or recovery of amount due to/from employee

6.       Issuance of Form-16 & 12B


Regulatory & Compliance Services


RPFC, PT, IT, ESI, S&E Compliance for Payroll


1.        Deductions and Remittance of monthly contributions & deductions of Provident Fund, Profession tax, Income tax and ESI to respective Government authorities

2.        Submission of forms / returns at stipulated intervals (monthly, quarterly & annual) to the PF, PT & IT, ESI, S&E authorities

3.        Submission of transfer-ins & transfer-outs to RPFC

4.       Filing quarterly, semi-annual and annual returns with IT, PF, ESI and S&E departments


EVA’s Statutory Compliance Services Include


1.        Statutory Advisory Services

2.        Statutory Benefit Administration

3.        Statutory Compliance Audit

4.       HR & Statutory Due Diligence Audit




If you’d like to know more about how this service can add value to your business, please e-mail us at payroll.services@evacorporate.com.



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